The Department has created a series of newsletters based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) to assist all early childhood professionals to support families to: 

  • understand the VEYLDF and how it relates to their child
  • gain a deeper understanding of their children’s learning and development in the early years and look for opportunities to complement and support their existing strengths and abilities
  • understand the implementation process of the VEYLDF.

How to use the newsletters

Services and professionals can:

  • add them to their newsletters and/or cut and paste from them to include in their newsletters to parents
  • use them as a handout to clarify aspects of the VEYLDF in conversations with families
  • distribute them to prospective families
  • include them in handouts for families on open days.

For more information and further resources on the VEYLDF, see: Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework

Newsletter Issues

  1. Early childhood learning (docx - 275.67kb)
  2. Helping your child be a confident and involved learner (docx - 347.55kb)
  3. How do you see your child? (docx - 218.81kb)
  4. Your child is unique (docx - 236.71kb)
  5. Responding to your baby - how love leads to learning (docx - 244.83kb)
  6. Your child's most important teacher (docx - 228.7kb)
  7. Learning through play (docx - 221.91kb)
  8. Everyday learning (docx - 275.97kb)
  9. Encouraging your child's strengths and interests (docx - 228.23kb)
  10. 'I can do it myself!' Encouraging your child's independence (docx - 259.35kb)
  11. Supporting your child to make decisions (docx - 234.14kb)
  12. Building your child's resilience (docx - 225.26kb)
  13. Learning to get along (docx - 1.99mb)
  14. Having conversations with your child (docx - 553.85kb)
  15. Sharing books with your child (docx - 354.09kb)
  16. Screen time (docx - 364.73kb)
  17. Encouraging your child to be active (docx - 963.89kb)
  18. What does high-quality early childhood education and care look like? (docx - 886.15kb)
  19. Partnerships: working together (docx - 2.54mb)
  20. Courageous conversations: talking to your child's educator (docx - 288.96kb)
  21. Time to say goodbye - helping your child manage separations (docx - 1.41mb)
  22. Encouraging children to cope with their feelings (docx - 668.7kb)