MCH Guidelines and Resources

​​These guidelines and resources are available to assist MCH health professionals in the managem​​ent, delivery and monitoring of the MCH Service.

​​​This section includes:
  • Materials related to maternal and child health practice (such as guidelines, frameworks and Program Standards)
  • Clinical resources, such as breastfeeding, mental health, developmental dysplasia of the hip, autism, and BMI, to assist nurses
  • Resources to support nurses working with parents, such as forms, translated resources and additional resources from partners external to the Department

MCH Practice

Maternal and Child Health Service Guidelines 2011 (pdf - 1.68mb) - outlines service delivery and monitoring requirements in accordance with the policy directions.  This document replaces the 2006 Program Resource Guide.

Maternal and Child Health Practice Guidelines 2009 (pdf - 791.74kb) - this booklet details the Department's piloted new Key Ages and Stages framework, guidelines contexts and definitions, information regarding prematurity and the promotion of health and development. 

Using the Play, Learn, Grow resources in the Maternal and Child Health Service (pdf - 1.89mb) - this booklet provides infromation about children's communication, play and learning. Each section includes ​​suggestions for conversations with families about children's learning and development; resources for MCH nurses; resources for families; and reflective practice questions and prompts.

Key Ages and Stages Service Activity Framework - March 2009 (pdf - 347.02kb) - the revised KAS framework introduces a new approach to the ten KAS visits provided to parents and children by the universal Maternal and Child Health Service. The new framework sets out new evidence-based activities for each of the ten age and stage visits.

Key Ages and Stages Promotion of Health and Development - March 2009 (pdf - 282.55kb) - this information is designed to support a facilitated discussion with parents about key health promotion messages. It will also ensure that consistent quality written information is provided to parents across the state.

Maternal and Child Health Service Program Standards (pdf - 678.81kb) and Maternal and Child Health Service Standards and Criteria (pdf - 4.29mb) - the standards which every MCH Service must meet.

Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service Guidelines (2003-2004) (pdf - 329.24kb) - there are the revised guidelines for the provision of the Enhanced Home Visiting Service in line with current early years research, Government policy context, findings of the New Initiative Evaluation Projects, and consultation with service providers and other relevant stakeholders. These guidelines replaced the Preliminary Maternal and Child Health Enhanced Home Visiting Guidelines developed at the commencement of the implementation of the Enhanced Home Visiting Service in 2000.

Memorandum of Understanding between DET and the Municipal Association of Victoria, 2017 - 2020 (docx - 107.35kb)​ - includes a statement of agreed principles and priority areas to guide the partnership between State and local government as partners in decision-making for the planning, funding and provision of the Victorian MCH Service.

Innovation Practice Guide for Maternal and Child Health Services (pdf - 1.06mb)​  (docx - 1.64mb)​ - this Guide outlines ​characteristics of good practice in innovation in a MCH context, sharing common experiences and challenges when innovating in this environment.