Maternal and Child Health Conferences

​​​​​​​Victorian Maternal and Child Health Conference

​​The Maternal and Child Health Conferences provide an opportunity for the workforce to come together twice a year and learn about a range of subjects and areas that impact on their work. They assist participants in understanding key strategic drivers directing their work and current developments from within and outside their professional field. Importantly the conferences provide an opportunity to network across the profession, the tiers of government and academia.

Presentations from guest speakers will be uploaded where available. Accessible versions of these documents can be requested by emailing

Upcoming Conferences

The first conference for 2018 will be on Friday 23 March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Nurses can register  to attend in person, or at one of five regional sites (Robinvale, Warrnambool, Wangaratta, Moe and Horsham) which will web-stream the conference on the day. To register and see the agenda, see: MCH Conference

Previous Conferences​


22 April


April 2016 Agenda (pdf - 228.55kb)

No Jab, No Play presentation

Steve Pellissier, Senior Project Manager, DHHS

​Professional​​ Self Care

Lynette Mitchell, Laughter for Living​

Jaundice in Infants presentation

Dr Gillian Opie, Neonatal Paediatrician, IBCLC, Mercy Hospital for Women

Child Protection Permanency for Children Changes presentation

Beth Allen, Assistant Director, Child Protection, DHHS

​Identification of       Child​​ren at Risk

Tracey Beaton presentation

Dr Anne Smith presentation


Tracy Beaton, Director of the Office of Professional Practice, Chief Practioner of Human Services  

Dr Anne Smith, Medical Director of VFPMS, Royal Children's Hospital

​Professional Self Care

Jeandanielle Evans, MCH Coordinator, Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Sustaining Improved Family Violence Practice Among MCH Nurse Teams presentation

Professor Angela Taft, Director, Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University

Leesa Hooker, former MOVE MCH Coordinator

Enhancing Parenting presentation

​Warren Cann, Psychologist and CEO, Parenting Research Centre

St Kilda Mums presentation

​Jessica Macpherson, CEO, St Kilda Mums​


2015 ​

22 May

Prevention Violence Against Women

Kellie Nagle, Policy Advisor, Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

Great South Coast Baby Makes 3 Project

Libby Hargreaves, Whitehorse Community Health Service

Stephen Dawkins, Warrnambool City Council

Hume Strengthening Risk Management Project

Joanna Bock, Consultant, MAV

Thyroid function in women - in pregnancy and postpartum

Dr Simon Forehan, Endocrinologist

Child Oral Health and the MCH Nurse

Dr Hanny Calache, Director Clinical Leadership, Dental Health Services Victoria

Allison Ridge, Health Promotion Manager, Dental Health Services Victoria​​

16 October

Collaboration - Improving outcomes for vulnerable families

Professor Cathy Humphreys, The University of Melbourne

Collaboration from a Community Services Organisation Perspective

Gerard Jones, Director of Innovation and Business Development, Deputy CEO, MacKillop Family Services

Local Government Perspective on Best Practice and Challenges in Collaboration

Bernie Harrison, Greater Dandenong

Chris Widdicombe, Gre​ater Shepparton

Kim Howland and Karen Kerr, Bayside

Ann McNair, Hume City Council

Immunisation Update

Rosemary Morey, Immunisation section, DHHS

PEDS - Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status

Dianne Halloran, Senior Project Officer, Centre for Community Child Health


SACS-R (Social Attention and Communication study-Revised)

Dr Josephine Barbaro, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre

​  ​
27 March


Improving Aboriginal Health

Belinda Stevens, manager, Health Programs, VACCHO

Simone Andy, Team Leader, Health Programs, VACCHO

Mums, Bubs and Hepatitis B

Gabrielle Bennett, Victorian Viral Hepatitis Educator, St Vincent's Hospital

Playgroup Victoria MCH approach

Vivienne Cunningham-Smith, CEO, Playgroup Victoria

Connect, Communities, Collaborate

Kirsty Elderton, Patchwork

Registering Victorian Births

John Symeopoulos, Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria

A Systems approach to Preventing Childhood Obesity across the Perinatal Period

Associate Professor Karen Campbell, Deakin University

Claire Tobin, Australian Department of Health/DEECD

Talking to Dads

Nick Theophilou

Food Allergies in Childhood

Mimi Tang, The Royal Children's Hospital​

18 September


Reflecting on the past, enhancing the present, designing the future (pptx - 7.19mb)

Dr Sonia Sharp, DEECD

Play, learn, grow (pptx - 6.18mb)

Dr Stacey Gabriel, DEECD

Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines (pptx - 2.34mb)

Anita Moorhead, DEECD

The Abecedarian Approach (pdf - 2.14mb)

Professor Joseph Sparling, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Intergrating with diversity in our multicultural community (pptx - 6.98mb)

City of Greater Dandenong

Integrating Children's Health and Education

Ann McNair, Family Services, Hume City Council

Improved recognition of and response to child vulnerability (pptx - 1.56mb)

Belinda Whitelaw, Best Start Coordinator, Greater Shepparton City Council​