Clinical Updates

Frequently asked questions

At each meeting of the Key Ages and Stages (KAS) Implementation Group, frequently asked questions from the field will be prepared. Once approved, the questions and answers will be available here for download. 

See: Frequently Asked Questions (pdf - 259.93kb)

Continuity of care project

DEECD is currently undertaking a project to develop a revised communication protocol between Victorian maternity services (in both public and private hospital settings) and the MCH service.

The revised protocol will take into account a range of policy, practice and service provision changes in recent years, particularly in relation to the way Victoria now responds to vulnerable children and families and the introduction of Koori Maternity Services. Consultation is required to support the development of the protocol to ensure that it adequately reflects the specific needs of vulnerable populations, including families from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, young and/or single mothers and families where there are protective concerns or a history of involvement with Child Protection. 

The aim of the revised protocol will be to strengthen a seamless service system response for women, children and their families by maternity hospitals and the MCH service in Victoria.