KAS Caterpillar Artwork

The Key Ages and Stages (KAS) ‘caterpillar’ logo was developed to promote the ten KAS consultations offered to all families in Victoria with children from birth until school age.  The caterpillar is used to encourage attendance at all ten MCH consultations, and the logo has become a well known identifier for the universal service. 

Local Governments are able to use the Caterpillar on their own promotional materials, providing that they meet the Copyright requirements below.

All the available artwork can be downloaded on this page. Requests for modifications / additions cannot be accommodated. 

Copyright notice

The following statement applies to all artwork downloaded from this page:

© The State of Victoria (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) 2010

Creative Commons logo

Copyright in this graphic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Australia Licence.

Inquiries should be addressed to: copyright@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Downloadable artwork

All the available artwork can be downloaded below: 

Artwork style Low resolution file (small download) High resolution file (large download)
Cater Pillar Caterpillar body with visits (low res) (JPG - 458Kb) Caterpillar body with visits (high res) (JPG - 5.7Mb)
Cater Pillar MCHS Caterpillar and MCHS words (medium res) (JPG - 726Kb) n/a
Cater Pillar Poster Caterpillar poster (low res) (pdf - 251.85kb) Caterpillar poster (high res) (pdf - 1.32mb)
Cater Pillar Blank Caterpillar blank body (low res) (JPG - 177Kb)  Caterpillar blank body (high res) (JPG - 1.8Mb)
Cater Pillar Card  Caterpillar card (low res) (jpg - 4.04kb) Caterpillar card (high res) (jpg - 1.59mb)