Research and Evaluation Register

The Department’s research and evaluation register is a searchable database of research and evaluation projects in the Department.

The following types of research and evaluation projects are included in the register:

  • Research and evaluation projects – commissioned or conducted by Divisions across the Department, or arising from research partnerships e.g. ARC Linkage projects in which the Department is participating as a Partner Organisation.
  • Research and evaluation approved by the Department to be conducted by external individuals or organisations in Victorian government schools and in early childhood settings (kindergartens, childcare centres, and maternal child and health care centres).
  • Research for which requests have been made to access Department-owned data.

The register provides information about the aim of the project and the research questions it seeks to answer. Some reports are also available.

Search for a project by keyword or phrase, completion date, or the area in the Department which managed the project.

External researchers preparing proposals to conduct educational research or evaluations can search the register to find out about existing, similar projects in progress or completed.

Department staff can access an extended version of the register using their eduMail login.  Project managers can create records to register details of research and evaluation projects and upload reports when the project is completed via the extended version.