Conducting Research

Research and evaluation underpins the evidence-informed decision making and policy development of the Department.

Research undertaken or commissioned by the Department focuses on areas that contribute to the body of knowledge about education and training outcomes (including meeting labour market demand) and young people's wellbeing and early childhood development in Victoria.

The Department welcomes high-quality proposals for research which are designed to add to our understanding of children and young people and to evaluate the effectiveness of health, wellbeing and educational programs.

Permission to conduct research

The Department is approached by researchers for approval to conduct research with schools, early childhood services, staff members of the Department, and services delivered or funded by the Department.

The Department reviews these applications to assess:

  • benefit and value to the Department, early childhood settings, schools and participants
  • burden and impact on early childhood settings, schools and participants
  • appropriateness of methodology in the early childhood and/or school setting
  • ethical design and conduct of the proposal, which includes issues such as consent, confidentiality, privacy and protection from harm.

Research in Victorian Government Schools or Early Childhood Settings - the Research and Evaluation Branch coordinates the approval process for applications to conduct research in Victorian government schools or early childhood settings.

For information on accessing data sets owned or managed by the Department, please contact the Research and Analysis Division at:

Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects with the Department as Partner Organisation

The ARC Linkage scheme is a Commonwealth Government initiative designed to encourage research partnerships between university researchers and partner organisations with the capacity to promulgate the findings into policy and practice. The Department is a partner organisation well placed to shape the research and disseminate findings across the education system.

To discuss the possibility of working with the Department as a Partner Organisation in your ARC Linkage proposal, contact the Performance and Evaluation Division:

Current ARC Linkage projects

The Department is currently a partner organisation in 16 ARC Linkage projects. For a full list see the following link:

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