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Local Learning and Employment Networks



There are 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks or LLENs in Victoria. The goal of each LLEN is to support young people, 10 – 19 years old, within its geographical boundaries by improving their participation, engagement, attainment and transition outcomes.

To find the LLEN that supports your Local Government area, see: Locate your Local Learning and Employment Network 

LLENs are made up a range of groups and organisations including education and training providers, business and industry, community agencies, and parent and family organisations.

LLENs have a particular focus on young people at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged, from education and training and are not in meaningful employment.

Each LLEN creates strategic, sustainable partnerships that improve education and transition outcomes for young people, including increasing Year 12 or equivalent attainment rates. LLENs use their knowledge of the region to influence strategic planning and broker partnerships among key stakeholders to support young people to remain engaged, or re-engage, in education or training.

LLENs are incorporated associations run by Boards or Committee of Managements, which each LLEN elects.

From 1 January 2010 the School Business Community Partnership Brokers program in Victoria is delivered through the LLEN, jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments under the National Partnership on Youth Attainment and Transitions, a joint initiative of the Australian and State and Territory Governments.

Benefits to the community

The core role of LLENs is the creation and development of sustainable relationships, partnerships and brokerage of initiatives with and across local education providers, industry and community.

LLENS also:
  • aim to improve the education, training and employment outcomes of young people
  • focus on adding value to the public and private investment in education.
Current LLEN activities centre on:
  • facilitating and supporting a range of initiatives, and developing partnerships and collaboration with and across stakeholders to provide better pathways and support for young people
  • undertaking local strategic planning
  • providing local advice on statewide policy and program issues
  • serving as an active platform for joining government initiatives with local education and training systems.

Join a Local Learning and Employment Network

By joining a LLEN you can make a difference to your community and individuals by contributing to strategies that improve education and training outcomes for young people. Any organisation or individual with an interest in education, training and employment outcomes for young people can be involved in the LLEN in their area.

Membership benefits

For employers, joining a LLEN can help you to:                                              

  • address skill shortages in your area
  • identify short and long term employment and training opportunities for young people that also fit your business needs
  • feed information back to education providers about skills you need in the future.

For education and training providers, joining a LLEN can help you better target education and training programs to meet community needs including skill shortages.

For agencies, joining a LLEN can help you to more effectively deliver your programs by working with employers and industry, and education and training providers, on program delivery and policy development.

For individuals, joining a LLEN can allow you to contribute to local education and training pathway and participation arrangements for young people.

Contact your local LLEN to find out how you can join.

LLEN memorandums

If you are currently part of a LLEN log on to the secure memorandum site to access operational information, see: Local Learning and Employment Network

Review of LLENs 

In 2012 the Department commissioned a review of the Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) model of network and partnership support. 

The objectives of the Review were to:

  • examine the LLEN model of network and partnership support and consider this in light of other theoretical and existing network and partnership models
  • identify the key contribution of youth transition network and partnership approaches in supporting outcomes for young people in Victoria, including those most at risk.

The review included evidence gathering and analysis focusing on two elements:

  • models of network and partnership support and options for future reform
  • an extensive, state wide consultation process with LLENs and key stakeholders.

For more information, see: Review of the Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) Model of Network and Partnership Support (pdf - 182.89kb) 

School-industry engagement

Over time, there have been significant policy changes that have impacted on accountability for and services to support young people in Victoria.

In October, the Department engaged Nous Group to conduct work to consider a potential new approach to school-industry engagement.

By December 2014 Nous Group had consulted with a large number of key stakeholders across Victoria to identify and understand the opportunities to improve support for school-aged young people seeking to transition to further education or employment.

Two reports of the consultations with schools, Local Learning and Employment Networks and Workplace Learning Coordinators have been prepared and are available below.

The Department is considering the findings from the consultation and the Nous Group will commence work on developing options to inform future approaches to school-industry engagement.