Help for Auto Supply Chain Workers

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Planning for your next job

If you will be losing your job due to the closure of car manufacturing, there is help available to get you into a new job.

What is a Skills and Jobs Centre?

Skills and Jobs Centres are one stop shops that liaise directly with local employers and provide services for transitioning workers and other customers.


Skills and Jobs Centres have been set up in Dandenong, Chadstone, Sunshine, Broadmeadows and Geelong that are focusing on people like you, who have skills developed by working in the car manufacturing supply chain.

How can Skills and Jobs Centres help me?

When you visit or call a Skills and Jobs Centre, somebody can assist you with:

  • writing a resume
  • identifying the skills you have that will be valuable to employers
  • which industries are growing and need workers
  • the job opportunities in the local area
  • advice on updating your current qualifications, or gaining new qualifications
  • help with interview skills
  • help with an online application for a job
  • information about options for subsidised training.

Some of these services need to be accessed within six months of being retrenched, so call or visit us as soon as you know you will be retrenched.

Contact Skills and Jobs Centres

134 389
Call the Skills and Jobs Centres to make an appointment with your closest centre.

Hear what automotive supply chain worker Ange has to say:

Automotive supply chain worker Ange talks about his experience with retrenchment and preparing for finding a new job with the support of the Skills and Jobs Centre.


How can Skills and Jobs Centres help automotive supply chain businesses?

Skills and Jobs Centres can work with you to bring in house support and advice for any workers that will be retrenched. This support is free, and can include:

  • on site information sessions for employees facing retrenchment, including information on external agencies such as Centrelink and jobactive
  • access to one-on-one career coaching sessions
  • introduction to the Skills and Jobs Centres services to access job readiness
  • workshops such as job seeking skills, resume writing and information
  • on job market opportunities
  • links and referrals to language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy support.

Contact Skills and Job Centres

134 389
Call the Skills and Jobs Centres to find out how we can assist your employees.

Hear what an employer has to say:


Download the fact sheet in your language

A fact sheet outlining the services provided to workers and other useful information is also available:

The autoworker's Fact Sheet is also available in these languages: