Strategic Partnerships Program

The Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) provides funding to not-for-profit organisations for the delivery of programs to improve student achievement, engagement, health and wellbeing and/or teacher capacity.

Strategic Partnerships Program 2015-17 Triennium

The 2015-17 Strategic Partnerships Program is currently underway. Applications closed on 11 July 2014 with programs commencing 1 January 2015.

For programs and organisations funded in this current triennium, see:

Strategic Partnerships Program 2018-20 Triennium

Applications for the 2018-20 Triennium will open on Monday 19 June 2017. Further information is provided below regarding the program focus, funding guidelines and application process.

Policy context and priority areas

Applications for SPP funding for the 2018-20 Triennium must be aligned with Victorian Government policies and DET strategic priorities, as outlined in the Strategic Partnerships Program 2018-20 Funding Guidelines.

Priority areas of focus

For the 2018-20 Triennium, the Department is seeking to expand the reach of the SPP to better target disadvantaged cohorts. Therefore, the Department will prioritise applications where programs are designed to target schools from equity groups, including:

  • students from disadvantaged or low SES backgrounds
  • rural and regional students
  • students with disability
  • Koorie students
  • students with English as an Additional Language
  • students in Out of Home Care.

Funding categories

For the 2018-20 Triennium, SPP funding will support two program categories:

Category 1: Student learning programs

These programs must:

  • provide opportunities for students to access specialised facilities, resources and expertise beyond the mainstream school environment
  • be aligned with the Victorian Curriculum
  • be able to demonstrate how they will improve student outcomes.

Category 2: Teacher professional learning programs

These programs must:

  • build the capacity of teachers to deliver learning and teaching programs that improve student outcomes
  • be aligned with the Victorian Curriculum
  • demonstrate they provide opportunities that are not available from other sources.

Funding guidelines

Further information about the arrangements for the 2018-20 Triennium, including the eligibility requirements and selection criteria, is available in the Funding Guidelines:


To submit an application for SPP funding, please:

  1. read the Guidelines carefully to determine the eligibility of both your organisation and your program. Contact the Department with any questions prior to commencing an application
  2. applications will be submitted via the SmartyGrants portal. Chrome is the preferred web browser when using SmartyGrants, however, other web browsers will also work. 
  3. once registered, complete the application form. It is advised to continually save your work whilst completeing the application form so that no work is lost if the form times out.
  4. complete and submit your application/s by 5pm on Friday 21 July 2017.

Register and complete application

To register and complete the application form*, see: 

Application support

Online information session

An online information session providing information and advice about the SPP 2018- 20 Triennium will be held:

  • from 2pm to 3pm on Thursday, 29 June 2017.

To join the online information*, see:

Trouble accessing the online information session?

To access the online information session you will need to ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player* installed. To download, see:

*Chrome is the preferred web browser when using Adobe Connect (however other browsers will also work).

Frequently Asked Questions

To access a list of Frequently Asked Questions, see:


Contact the Department's Strategic Partnerships Unit via:

(03) 8683 2195
Strategic Partnerships Unit