Workforce Development

The Department has implemented a number of initiatives to ensure children and young people on the autism spectrum are supported effectively by workforces equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to best meet their personalised learning and support needs.

Maternal and Child Health

The Department provides training and resources specifically for maternal and child health nurses in relation to identifying early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) within the key ages and stages visits, strengthening the referral pathways, and supporting families through this process.  For more information, see: Maternal and Child Health

Professional learning

The Department provides a range of educational options to support children and young people on the autism spectrum and initiatives that support quality teaching and strengthening the capacity of our workforces. These include:

  • Including children on the autism spectrum in the Early Years is a free online learning course that supports early childhood professionals to develop a greater understanding of how to include young children on the spectrum in their setting and respond to their learning and development needs​.
  • Inclusion Online provides online professional learning  to enable staff in Victorian government schools to focus on the understanding, assessment and classroom support of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.​
  • The Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) course is run over one school term (ten we​eks), requiring approximately two hours online participation per week. This learning can take place at any time convenient to the participating staff member. Course participants are supported by an online tutor and study alongside a cohort of up to 11 colleagues.  
  • Over 200 professional learning subsidies have been provided since 2010 to build the expertise and capabilities of Victorian government school teachers.