Special Needs Support

The Department offers support to children and young people who have a disability or developmental delay and their families through a range of programs targeted to meet their specific needs.

Autism friendly learning

We have a wide range of support and intervention services available to help children and young people on the autism spectrum access an inclusive education that meets their needs.

See: Autism spectrum disorder

Home based educational programs

Helping make sure students, who due to the nature of a severe disability or other health reasons that prevent them from going to school, can continue to access an education program.​

See: Help for students who can't attend school due to disability and complex health care needs

Languages Teaching Resources

We provide direct assistance to teachers in developing strong oral language competency in children and young people to maximise their learning potential. See: Languages teaching resources

Program for Students with Disabilities

This program gives extra support to eligible students with disabilities in government schools as part of our ongoing commitment to providing an inclusive education system to all students. See: Program for students with disabilities

Medical and Accessibility Support

Helping schools to offer extra support to students with specific needs through programs such as the Schoolcare program, Accessible Buildings program and medical intervention support. See: Medical and accessibility support

Victorian Deaf Education Institute

The Victorian Deaf Education Institute is working with us to improve learning outcomes for deaf and hard of hearing children and young people, from birth to 18 years of age. See: Victorian Deaf Education Institute