Autism Friendly Learning

The Department recognises that children and young people on the autism spectrum represent individuals who may require a range of learning and development supports.

The Department's coordinated approach addresses the needs of children and young people on the autism spectrum through a broad range of provisions, core and innovative programs, people and resources. This has been strengthened by the implementation of a number of reforms to support the needs of children and young people, and build the capacity of our workforces to respond to individual learning and development needs.

Priorities driving the reform include:

  • localising the provision of support and services for children and young people on the autism ​spectrum and their families
  • assisting early childhood settings and schools to become more inclusive environments
  • building the skills and understanding of the early childhood and school workforces about the most effective ways to support the learning and development of children and young people on the autism spectrum
  • ensuring a high quality of support across all Victorian government schools and early childhood settings
  • focusing on achievement, teaching and learning.

​Education delivered in a safe and supportive environment will serve as a foundation for increased community engagement and participation, and access to a range of post school options. To support this, the Department values collaborative partnerships with government and community partners at both the state and local level that foster mutual learning, shared expertise and cohesive service provision.

This website is a key place for families, teachers, early childhood and other professionals to go to for information and practical resources to support the child's learning and participation in education.

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