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male student tries out an astronaut suit The products of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) knowledge are all around you. Whenever you turn on your phone, eat food, text your friends or measure your heart rate, you are using the products of STEM knowledge.  

Learning about STEM is also fun. Explore our solar system at NASA, check out Science Buddies or visit Australia's national science channel.

  • ​Ever dreamt of becoming an Astronaut? Explore our solar system at NASA
  • Are you interested in fun things to do with science, then check out Science Buddies
  • Do you enjoy watching fun videos to learn how things work? Then visit Australia's national science channel, RiAus
  • Got any Science questions? Why not 'Ask Dr Universe'
  • Are you interested in learning coding? Then check out
  • Do you want to see what's possible in STEM? Have a look at The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids