Taking Small Bytes

Small Bytes - child imagines the outlines of a large car while riding a tricycleThe Taking Small Bytes card deck has been developed to help early childhood educators use technology more effectively to enhance children's learning opportunities.

Used in the right way, digital technologies enable learning by providing access to quality online resources and experts, connecting families with their children's learning, improving assessment, feedback and reporting and bridging the educational divide for kids with additional needs.

The Taking Small Bytes deck includes 100 cards, featuring 370 tips for educators about how to technology can be used as part of a play-based learning program. Ideas include how to get kids exploring with a digital microscope, going on a virtual tour to the other side of the world, and how to connect with a favourite author.

The cards build the children's literacy and numeracy, and supports the development of important broader skills such as curiosity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Taking Small Bytes aligns with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, which underpins the work Victoria’s early years sector, outlining the knowledge and skills that lead children to become confident, engaged life-long learners.

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