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Find out more about Let's Count and the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist Initiative

Let's Count

Designed for three to five year olds, Let’s Count helps to build science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) into early learning. Let’s Count emphasises mathematics in everyday life, helping families and young children experiencing disadvantage to see maths as relevant, stimulating and fun. Through Let’s Count, families and early childhood educators will develop the confidence and skills to support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts, using play and other day-to-day experiences. It will help children to develop stronger skills and positive attitudes towards mathematics; a recipe for future success.

For more information, see: Let's Count

Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist Initiative

Since 2012, the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist Initiative has trained primary school teachers as mathematics and science specialists across 113 Victorian primary schools. In 2016-17, a further 100 teachers will be trained as STEM specialists in 55 of Victoria's rural, regional and low socio-economic area primary schools.

For more information, see: Primary Mathe​matics and Science Specialist Initiative