School Provision Review of the Prahran/South Melbourne Area

​​About the project

The Department has conducted a review of school provisioning in the broader South Melbourne / Prahran areas

The review was designed to assist the Department with the planning and implementation of Government decisions impacting government primary and secondary schooling in the broader South Melbourne and Prahran areas.

It particularly focused on planning and implementation issues associated with the building of two new primary schools in South Melbourne (Ferrars Street and South Melbourne Park) and a new Year 7 to 12 secondary school in Prahran.

The review included consultation with local school principals to explore local issues and perspectives.​

N​ext steps

The findings and options were presented to the Minister for Education.

Construction of the new Ferrars St. Primary School has commenced and the school is will open in 2018.

South Melbourne Park Primary School and Prahran High School are currently in the planning stage and will open in 2019.

The Department will continue to work with State and local planning authorities to ensure that enrolment growth is effectively managed. The Department’s school infrastructure planning for the expansion of Fisherman’s Bend is underway.

For further details about new school projects, see: Victorian School Building Authority​