Public Private Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Private Partnership?

A Public Private Partnership (PPP) captures the most efficient elements of both the public and private sectors to deliver good quality outcomes for Victorians.

A typical PPP involves a service contract where the government pays the private sector to deliver infrastructure and related services over an extended period (usually 25 years).

Under PPP arrangements, the private sector party is responsible for the finance, design, construction and maintenance of assets for the duration of the contract.

In 2010 and 2011, 12 new schools were delivered using the PPP model under the Partnerships Victoria in Schools Project.

When will the schools open and when can I enrol my child?

The new PPP schools will be open in two groups, with the first group open for students in Term 1, 2017 and the second group for Term 1, 2018.

Principals for the first group of schools have now commenced and principals for the second group will be appointed in April 2017.

The incoming principals will be the key contact for a range of activities, including accepting enrolments, conducting staff recruitment processes and arranging community use of the school facilities.

Principal contact details and enrolment information is available on the PPP webpage.

​Interim School Name​Location​Opening Date
​Casey Central East Primary School​Wheelers Park Drive, Cranbourne North​2017
​Cranbourne South West Primary School
​Everlasting Boulevard, Cranbourne West​2017
​Epping North Primary School​Harvest Home Road, Epping North​2017
​Heather Grove Primary School​Aayana Street (currently Haflinger Avenue), Clyde North​2017
​Mernda Central Prep- Year 12 (including both primary & secondary school components)​Breadalbane Avenue, Mernda​2017
​Mernda South Primary School​Riverdale Boulevard, Mernda​2017
​Pakenham South West Primary School​Henry Road, Pakenham​2017
​Point Cook South Prep- Year 9​Boardwalk Boulevard, Point Cook​2017
​Armstrong Creek Primary School ​​& Armstrong Creek Special School​​Batten Road, Armstrong Creek ​​2018 ​

​Bannockburn Prep- Year 12 School

​Enabling the relocation of the existing primary school to a new site on Milton Street, Bannockburn​2018
​North Geelong Special Developmental School​Quamby Avenue, Hamlyn Heights​2018
​Torquay North Primary School​Horseshoe Bend Road, Torquay​2018

Who will build these schools?

The Victorian Government has entered into a contract with Learning Communities Victoria (LCV) to deliver the schools.

The members of the LCV consortium include:

  • Amber as sponsor
  • ClarkeHopkinsClarke as architect
  • Watpac as builder
  • Spotless as facilities manager and
  • YMCA and CERES as community partners.

The consortium members have significant expertise in PPP projects, the construction and maintenance of schools and the delivery of early learning centres and community programs.

What are the features of the new schools?

The new schools will provide exciting first class facilities for students across the State and have been designed with the local community in mind.

Each of the new schools will be a community hub, providing a range of spaces for local families and residents to gather and enjoy community, arts, sports and recreation programs from the brand new facilities.

In addition to the core school facilities, LCV will also deliver:

  • six early learning centres- proposed to be operated by YMCA to provide integrated Long Day Care services
  • expanded indoor gymnasiums to Netball Victoria standards
  • a Learn To Swim Pool at Mernda Central Prep- Year 12 School
  • hydrotherapy pool at North Geelong Special Developmental School
  • additional multi-purpose spaces which will be used by the school during the day and operated by YMCA after hours to deliver before and after school care and other community programs
  • kitchens at four schools, enabling the delivery of hospitality related programs.  

What schools will have an early learning centre?

Early Learning Centre's are being delivered at:

  • Casey Central East Primary School  
  • Heather Grove Primary School  
  • Pakenham South West Primary School
  • Mernda South Primary School  
  • Epping North Primary School  
  • Torquay North Primary School. 

Can I review the school plans?

Masterplans are available on the PPP Project webpage for each of the schools opening in 2017.

How are the schools established?

The New Schools PPP Project team has been working closely with relevant councils to ensure the 15 new schools meet the needs of the communities and provide maximum benefit for students and families.

Local School Reference Groups will be formed for each school to assist in making important decisions in the establishment of the schools such as the school name and uniform selection. The Reference Groups will act as interim school councils until a formal school council is elected.

These groups are typically made up of local Principals, teachers, parents, school council presidents and school region representatives. Each School Reference Group will provide a link between the school and the local community during the planning and construction stages. The groups will also ensure local input into the Project and assist with the development of the school culture.

Consultation with the community will occur throughout school establishment through the community information sessions and ongoing engagement between the Reference Groups and community members.

How can I be involved in establishing the schools?

If you are interested in participating in school establishment activities it is recommended you contact the principal of the relevant school.

What does the PPP mean for the day-to-day operation of schools?

Under the New Schools PPP Project, Government will retain responsibility for the delivery of all education services, while the private sector will be responsible for the ongoing upkeep of the facilities.

Principals and teachers will be relieved from the day-to-day maintenance of school facilities and grounds so they can focus on student learning without the distraction of undertaking arranging maintenance. If a repair is required, for example, school staff will simply have to log a call with the maintenance provider, who will be obliged to make the repair within a set period of time.

Is this privatisation of education?

No, these remain government schools. Privatisation is where the government passes all responsibility to the private sector.

Under the New Schools PPP Project, Government will remain responsible for education provision, staffing, curriculum and teacher practice. Once the schools are in operation, the private sector consortium will provide maintenance of the facilities only.

Will there be school fees at these schools?

Victorian legislation provides that instruction in the standard curriculum program must be provided free to all students in Victorian Government schools. These new schools will follow Victorian Government legislation.

Are the school names final?

No. The current school names are working titles only. Final school names will be determined by the Local School Reference Groups in consultation with the local community in the lead up to the school openings.

How can I apply for a job at the school or hire the school hall?

The school principal will be the key contact for staff recruitment processes and for arranging hire of the school facilities. Further information on principal appointments and appropriate contact details are available on the PPP webpage.