Four Critical Actions for Schools: Responding to Student Sexual Offending

​​​​If you witness an incident, receive a disclosure or form a suspicion that a student is a victim of a student sexual offending and/or a student has engaged in student sexual offending you must act immediately by following:​

Four Critical Actions 


You should read this summary in conjunction the Responding to Suspected Student Sexual Offending: Templatewhich must be completed when responding to any form of suspected student sexual offending).

​​​Documenting your Actions

As a school staff member, you must keep clear and comprehensive notes relating to incidents, disclosures and allegations of student sexual offending using the template below.


Your aim should be to provide as much information within the template as possible.

These records will be helpful in making a report of the abuse to the relevant authorities.​ ​This information may be sought at a later date if the matter is the subject of Court proceedings. These notes may also later assist you if you are required to provide evidence to support their decisions.​​


To ensure you have taken all required steps, see:

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