Project Outcomes

Best Start Outcomes

The primary and optional outcomes listed below are medium-term outcomes, and have been devised to focus and organise partnership efforts so that they align with Best Start key directions.

Best Start outcomes​ ​
Primary outcomes​ ​​Children engage and participate in early childhood education (kindergarten and Supported Playgroups)
​Children and families actively engage with MCH services, attending key ages and stages visits
Optional outcomes​ ​​Children acquire literacy and numeracy skills through active participation in their education
​Early childhood services provide an engaging environment for children and families experiencing vulnerability

Implementing Best Start

The new approach is centered on monitoring and reporting. An evaluation of the Best Start program highlighted the need for clearer, more measurable and more evidence-based strategies and actions.

The new approach provides Best Start partnerships with evidence-based strategies and actions to deliver measurable benefits for young children.

Best Start partnershipships will now use rapid action-reflection 'Plan, Do, Study, Act' cycles. The cycle tests an idea by temporarily trialing a change and assessing its immediate impact.

Improved data collection and reporting will assist local communities, service providers and Government to track and regularly monitor the progress towards the outcomes.




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