Respectful Relationships


Respectful Relationships in schools and early childhood education and care settings is about tackling family violence.

The Government is investing $21.8 million over two years to roll out a holistic approach to Respectful Relationships across schools and early childhood services. This approach will support the delivery of respectful relationships education, through the new Victorian Curriculum across all year levels.

The unacceptably high rates of family violence, in particular violence against women and their children, are well documented. We know that cultural change is necessary and that education setting can play an integral role in this. Evidence shows that schools and early childhood services can play a powerful role in changing this story for future generations.

A good education is about more than simply getting good marks. It is about becoming a member of society and succeeding in life – knowing how to build respectful relationships is key to achieving this.

Evidence presented to the Royal C​ommission into Family Violence was clear that school-based prevention is effective to reduce the incidence of family violence. Recommendations handed down by the Royal Commission as part of their report reflect the evidence that school-based efforts are required as a long-term prevention strategy. The Royal Commission into Family Violence specifically recommended the Victorian Government mandate Respectful Relationships into schools and do this using a best practice whole of school approach tested in 2015 by the Our Watch Respectful Relationships Education in Schools (RREiS) pilot.

The best relationships are respectful ones. By working together we can create real and lasting change and help to address gender inequality and prevent family violence.


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