Best Start

Best Start partnerships focus on children experiencing vulnerability and all Aboriginal children to ensure all children have access to quality early childhood experiences through kindergarten, Supported Playgroups and maternal and child health services.

Giving every child a great start to life

The first years of life are crucial to lifelong learning, wellbeing and success. This begins with giving every child a great start in life by strengthening early childhood services for children and families.

There is consensus that a loving, healthy and intellectually stimulating early childhood is critical to a person's wellbeing and success throughout their life. Children who have a strong start in life are more likely to do well academically and socially as they grow older. Conversely, young children who miss out on positive experiences with parents, caregivers and educators are much more likely to have to struggle to catch up.

Best Start program in Victoria

The Best Start program operates in 30 locations across Victoria. There are 24 mainstream sites and six Aboriginal Best Start sites in rural and metropolitan locations.

It is based on formal partnerships of local agencies and service providers to improve the outcomes for children.

What is Best Start?

Best Start is a Victorian Government early years, place-based initiative that is funded and administered by the Department of Education and Training to support families, caregivers and communities in providing the best possible environment, experiences and care for children from birth to age eight.

Best Start project sites

There are a total of 30 Best Start project sites across Victoria. Six of these project sites work specifically with local Aboriginal communities.

Project outcomes

Best Start is focused on achieving significant improvements in outcomes for all children. To learn more, see:

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