Unity through diversity

Unity through diversity: The Victorian Government's Vision for Civics, Citizenship and Multicultural education

Citizenship and informed civic participation are the cornerstones of our successful, cohesive and prosperous multicultural, secular and multi-faith society. We want our children and young people to understand their roles, rights and responsibilities as citizens, and to know how to contribute actively to civic life and to interact harmoniously with the diverse cultures and faiths in their local, state, national and global communities.

The Victorian Government’s vision is for all Victorian learning and development settings to equip children and young people with the knowledge and skills to participate in and contribute to our diverse  society as active and informed citizens - locally, nationally and internationally.

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Victoria's Advantage - Unity, Diversity, Opportunity

Unity through diversity is aligned with and complements the Victorian Government's Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship policy, Victoria's Advantage - Unity, Diversity, Opportunity, released on 3 March 2014.  

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