Student experiences

Students talk about their experiences in China as part of the Victorian Young Leaders in China (VYLC) Program.

The VYLC promotional video

This video showcases the experiences of students, principals and parents who have been involved in the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program. They discuss how the students' experiences enabled them to grow and mature as individuals, improve their language and cultural awareness skills, enhance their self-confidence and widen their world view to enable them to become global citizens.

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The Beijing Language and Culture University video

This video shows the daily lives of Australian students at the Beijing Language and Culture University (BCLU) as they attend classes, lectures and tutorials in a range of subjects, including Mandarin, culture and history, exercise in the mornings and enjoy Chinese food. The students also attend a range of excursions, such as visiting temples and buildings of historical importance, participate in a range of cultural experiences such as learning traditional dances, and have many opportunities to befriend local students.

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The 'E' Shanghai video

This video showcases a range of images from the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program, including photos of China, excursions and Chinese buddies. The video also features a short movie of the Australian students and their Chinese buddies participating in a choreographed dance routine.

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Kurnai video - 2015

This video follows the journey of Nathan and Emily, who participated in the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program in 2015. They discuss how the program has provided them with many opportunities, from a sense of accomplishment from learning Mandarin, to a chance to travel overseas for the first time. Through their experiences, such as learning to read Chinese characters, participating in a range of activities such as ceramics, painting and martial arts, and forming closer bonds with old and new friends, the students discuss how they became more self-aware, confident and independent.

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Kurnai video - 2016

At the start of this video, the students who are about to embark on the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program in 2016 discuss their apprehensions and preconceptions about China and the program. After the students had returned, they discussed their experiences and how their views on China had altered.

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