Public Administration Act

The Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees (No. 1) 2007 is made under the Public Administration Act 2004 (Vic) and applies to the public sector. The purpose of a code is to promote adherence to the public sector values. A code is binding on any person to whom it applies, and contravention of a code is capable of constituting misconduct.

Public sector values

Section 7 of the Public Administration Act 2004 (Vic) outlines the values and how they can be demonstrated:

Values define what is important to an organisation and how things will be done. In the Victorian public sector, they underpin an employee’s interaction with the Government, community, suppliers and other employees.

It is important to consider how these values apply when using social media tools:

1.        Responsiveness

2.        Integrity

2.2       avoiding real or apparent conflicts of interest

For example, public comment

Public sector employees only make public comment when specifically authorised to do so in relation to their duties, a public sector body, or government policies and programs. Such comment is restricted to factual information and avoids the expression of personal opinion. Public comments include providing information or comment to any media (electronic or print), the internet and speaking arrangements.

When making a comment in a private capacity, public sector employees ensure their comments are not related to any government activity that they are involved in or connected with as a public sector employee and make it clear they are expressing their own view. They ensure personal comments do not compromise their capacity to perform their public sector role in an unbiased manner, and that their comments are not seen or perceived to be an official comment.

2.3       striving to earn and sustain public trust at the highest level.

For example, public trust

Public sector employees seek to build and maintain a high level of trust with the Government, community and other public sector employees. They behave in a manner that does not bring themselves or the public sector into disrepute. Public sector employees avoid conduct in their private life that may adversely affect their standing as a public official or which may bring their public sector employer into disrepute.

3.        Impartiality

4.        Accountability

5.        Respect

6.        Leadership

7.        Human Rights

For a copy of the complete Act see, Public Administration Act 2004