Aboriginal Inclusion Plan

​​Positive change in the culture and employment profile leading to improved opportunities for Aboriginal people.​

Wirnalung Ganai: Our People - Aboriginal Inclusion Plan 2015-2017 

Wirnalung Gana​i, the Department’s Aboriginal Inclusion Plan, aims to take actions to provide better support to Aboriginal people employed by the Department.  These actions will develop a more inclusive culture through leadership, workforce practices and communication.  The plan has a greater emphasis on fostering transparency and accountability for realising the vision of the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework and is focused on four key action areas.

  • Systemic Inclusion – ensuring that inclusion is at the core of every level of the Department
  • Data Improvement – improving the quality of collection and analysis of Koorie related data, to assist with enhancing the access to participation
  • Employment and Economic Participation – developing strategies and approaches to support the attraction, development and retention of Koorie staff
  • Community Engagement – foster stronger, more transparent relationships with the Aboriginal community


Wirnalung Ganai: Aboriginal Inclusion Plan 2015-2017 (pdf - 11.41mb) I word (docx - 796.69kb)