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Swimming in Schools

​​​Swimming in Schools increases opportunities for students to develop swimming and water safety skills to reduce their risk of drowning and injury.

Funding will be provided to all Victorian government and Catholic schools to subsidise the cost of delivering swimming and water safety programs.

We are working with the aquatics industry to support schools to design and implement quality swimming and water safety programs.

Resources for educators

To find out how to deliver these programs as part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum, see:

Swimming and Water Safety Education

Funding for schools

The 2017/18 Victorian Budget allocated $9.151 million over three years to support Victorian government and Catholic primary schools to deliver swimming and water safety as per the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum.

Government schools will receive funding through the SRP from 2017 through to 2019.

The funding will assist up to 60,000 students per year to achieve their Victorian Water Safety Certificate, a base level of swimming and water safety competency, before leaving primary school. The Certificate is awarded when a student can swim 50m continuously, answer water safety based questions and perform simple rescues. 

Funding will be allocated based on the number of Year 6 enrolments in each school, however, schools will have the flexibility to use the funding as best suits their need. This funding can be used to cover the cost of any aspect of swimming and water safety programs.

For more information, see: Swimming in Schools (reference 115)

Principals and administrators are reminded that all requests for parent payments relating to swimming programs must be in accordance with the Department’s Parent Payment Policy.

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Additional funding

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund

Curriculum information

Policy information

Policy information on swimming and water safety education is available for principals and schools leaders. For more information, see:

Read the full Swimming instruction and water safety policy
Available in the School Policy and Advisory Guide
Read the full Parent Payments policy
Available in the School Policy and Advisory Guide

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