Department program

LOOKOUT Education Support Centres

LOOKOUT centres are designed to boost the capacity of schools, carers, child protection practitioners and out-of-home care services to improve educational outcomes for children and young people living in out-of-home care.


Research indicates that children and young people living in out-of-home care are at greater risk of poorer educational outcomes than those in the broader community. Students in out-of-home care are at greater risk of:

  • poor school attendance and engagement
  • failing to develop foundational educational skills and reaching expected benchmarks
  • disengaging from compulsory schooling
  • not achieving any academic qualification.

How LOOKOUT centres support

LOOKOUT centres assist children and young people through:

  • professional development with staff and carers
  • advice to schools to support individual students
  • challenging enrolment decisions that aren't in a student's best interests
  • facilitating opportunities for students to participate fully in school life.

Progress to date

  • Launch LOOKOUT Centre in south west Victoria commenced operations    Apr 2016
  • Principal and centre staff recruitment     Sep 2016 – Jan 2017
  • Designated Teacher training in Victorian government schools in south west Victoria  Term 4 2016
  • LOOKOUT Centre Handbook finalised     Jan 2017
  • Process evaluation of the implementation of the south west Victoria LOOKOUT centre finalised    Feb 2017
  • Designated Teacher training state-wide (government schools, catholic schools and independent schools)    Apr – Dec 2017
  • Early Childhood Learning Advisor pilot in south west Victoria commenced    May 2017
  • LOOKOUT governance meetings (steering committee and expert insights group)    Nov 2017
  • LOOKOUT centre staff state-wide forum        Dec 2017

Upcoming activities and milestones

  • Designated teacher training continues state-wide    Jan – April 2018
  • Partnering agreement refresh and launch    Jan – May 2018
  • LOOKOUT statewide conference    May 2018