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Hector the Dolphin Tackles Cyber Bullying

News bulletin: 2 September 2009

Girls working on laptops

A new episode of the animated Hector’s World™ explores cyber bullying and gives young children ideas on how to handle it in their own lives.

Helping children understand how to deal with cyber bullying is vital to keeping children safe online. With children going online at increasingly younger ages, it’s important to get this message across early.

Hector’s World™ is hosted on the Cybersmart website and is the Australian Communications Media Authorities’ (ACMA) online program for young children aged 2 to 10 years.

Each episode takes children on an educational journey with Hector Protector, the bottlenose dolphin, and his marine friends to explore a range of online issues including protecting personal information. 

Hector’s World has a range of activities for children to do at home or in the classroom as well as teacher resources.

‘Hector’s World is an internationally-recognised online safety education resource and we are delighted to partner with New Zealand’s Hector’s World Limited, to create a new episode and bring these inspirational and engaging characters to Australian children,’ ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman, said.

During the cyber bullying episode, two friends deface a photograph of one of the main Hector’s World characters, Ming—a clam—and repeatedly forward the image to Ming and her circle of friends via mobile phones and the internet. The story encourages bystanders to see cyber bullying as unacceptable behaviour and not to get involved.

For more information and to watch the cyber bullying episode of Hector’s World, see Cybersmart