Caulfield South drummers march on for Remembrance Day


The Caulfield Primary School Drum Corps marched proudly towards this year's state Remembrance Day service, where they honoured all those lost to war.

The drum corps was front and centre in the service at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, and played in front of thousands of attendees, including Victoria's Governor Linda Dessau.

Caulfield South Primary School Principal Gayle Yardley said she was proud her students had the opportunity to represent their community and bring music to the service.

The corps began 20 years ago under the guidance of Drum Master Sandy Hood, whose wife, Katrina, had been teaching music at the school.

'Sandy has an incredible connection and understanding of the role of the services in Australia's history and sacrifices these men and women made for the future of our country,' Gayle said.

'He understands and communicates to the children, the values that were important in times of war and how these translate to modern Australia and our current society.'

The corps has since been a regular fixture at charity and memorial events all across Victoria, including opening exhibitions at the Melbourne Museum at the request of the Governor-General and the Victorian Premier's Multicultural Ball.

With special permission from the Returned Services League, the corps wears the rising sun badges, representing fallen soldiers, whose legacy of mateship is reflected in the corps motto, "We will always be there for you; we will never let you down."

'The corps has become an institution and part of the fabric of our school,' Gayle said.

'Our students develop a love of music through a very strong music program under the leadership of Julie Hoffman, our music teacher of many years.

'I think I speak on behalf of the whole school community when I say how very proud I am of the Drum Corps, the music program in our school and the opportunities our students get from this.'​