What can my child read?

The Challenge book lists

The Challenge book lists have been developed by a reference group of experienced teacher-librarians and experts in children’s literature. The Challenge book lists include high quality children's and young adult literature as well as books which engage students and get them excited about reading.

To read through the list of books for each year level and age, see:

Reading books for other year levels

Lower year levels

Your child can select books from a lower level list. The online system allows a student to select any book from the book list, regardless of the year level to which it has been allocated. It is then up to your child's teacher or school Challenge coordinator to approve, through online verification, their reading list as appropriate and challenging.

Higher year levels

Your child can read books from a level above and they will count towards their Challenge total.

Please note that the Year 9 and 10 and Year 10 Super Challenge lists includes titles for mature readers. You should discuss your child’s choices with them if they are not in Year 9 or 10 and want to read a book from that list.

Where can I get books for the Challenge?

You should be able to find many suitable books in your school or local library. You may have books at home that you can add to your children’s reading lists. Remember too that you can add books that are not listed on the Challenge book list - these can be added as personal choice books.

Are the books on the Challenge list suitable for my child to read?

Just because a book is on the list doesn't mean it is recommended for all students. The book list provides a broad range of books, which children, parents and teachers can choose from. If you have any concerns about the content of titles on the Challenge book lists we encourage you to become involved in the selection of books your child reads for the Challenge to make sure they are appropriate.