Is your school registered?

Check your school is registered

Only one coordinator needs to complete the school registration, by logging in to the online system and completing the 'Register school wizard'. To login, see: School Login

How many registrations are available for my school?

Only one registration is available for each school.

My school has multiple campuses. Should each campus register separately?

In schools with more than one campus, enrolment numbers entered must include students across all campuses. Additional registrations cannot be created for multi campus schools.

When registering different campuses, it is advised to create class names that distinguish each campus.

Certificates will be sent to the principal of the main campus for distribution.

When will my school appear on the list of participating schools?

Schools are added to this list on the business day after they are registered. See:

Non-government schools

Non-government schools will need an EduWeb account for access to the Reading Challenge. For more information, see: