Marc Martin profile

A man holds the 2017 Premiers' Reading Challenge poster

Who is Marc Martin?

Marc Martin is an illustrator and picture-book maker based in Melbourne. The author and illustrator of award-winning books including, A Forest, The Curious Explorers Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals A-Z, Max, A River and LOTS, his work is a world of dense colour, rich textures and the odd scribble.

This year Marc has lent his talents to inspiring young readers and illustrators by designing the poster for the 2017 Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

This year’s poster hopes to inspire a generation of readers to imagine places all over the world and themselves too as authors, illustrators and creatives.

Every primary and P-12 school in Victoria will be sent Marc’s poster, alongside a letter for the Premier, announcing the commencement of this year’s reading challenge.

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Premiers' Reading Challenge. See where reading takes you.