Support for parents

Parents are encouraged to use the Challenge website and read these web pages in full before requesting individual assistance.

Contacting the Reading Challenge

Wherever possible make your requests by email.

Reporting technical issues

Technical issues with the online system should be reported to:

Emails should specify the action or task being attempted and the problem experienced. Include details of any error message received.


Recording books

My child's school is participating in the Challenge for the first time this year and they have already read several books. How are these books verified?

The school is responsible for the online verification of the books. Schools operate the Challenge in different ways and some schools may ask parents to supervise the reading and verify on a paper record that the child has read the books - the best thing is to ask your child’s teacher.

My child is reading a chapter book that is recommended for students in higher year levels and it has as many pages as two or three books combined. Can they record this one book twice?

Technically the online system will not allow you to add the same book twice. If you try to do this you will get the following message: ‘The book you selected was already in your reading list. Please choose another one.’ This supports one of the goals of the Challenge - to encourage students to read more widely.

However, the school Challenge coordinator can enter information for your child to support their particular reading needs. Ask your child's school Challenge coordinator to visit this website and read, it is ultimately up to the school Challenge coordinator to verify student reading lists.

Transferring schools

My child has transferred schools. What do I do about their Reading Challenge records?

The system administrator will transfer student records between schools. Ask a coordinator at your child’s previous or new school to email a request to transfer the records to or from the school to:

A new completed consent form is required to be completed for the new school's records.

Incorrect details

My child’s consent to print name on the Honour Roll or certificate name details are incorrect. I am unable to change this, how do I fix this?

These fields are locked down to Coordinator access only. As all registration forms are held at the school, please contact the Challenge Coordinator at your child’s school to amend their details.

End of Challenge processes

Due to the administrative processes required to be completed prior to the end of the Challenge, parents are reminded that early childhood services and schools can set their own timelines within the dates advertised on the website. Please check with Challenge coordinator for the dates set by your child’s early childhood setting or school.