Eduweb accounts

Information for non-government schools

All non-government schools have an EduWeb account providing access to Department of Education and Early Childhood Development functions, for example, to provide the electronic annual return.

Details of this account are held by the Principal. This account can be used to create additional Eduweb accounts to be used by individual staff members for specific purposes.

Principals are advised that EduWeb accounts should be created and used for access to the Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge online system.

The Principal, or a delegated member of staff, needs to apply for the account or accounts on behalf of the staff member or members, and for the owner of each account to be granted access to the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. This process is outlined below.

Process for creating an EduWeb account

Principals may request support with the creation of EduWeb accounts by emailing:

Alternatively, the Principal can follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. log on to the EduWeb nominate user page using the school EduWeb username and password
  2. nominate the application for which access is to be granted, in this case the Reading Challenge
  3. you will be taken through a series of screens to provide the staff name/s and email address/es
  4. the system then emails the staff member with his or her username and default password.

My school already has an EduWeb account

Some individuals may already have EduWeb accounts with access to Animal Ethics or other applications. In this case the Principal or delegate need only to select an account/teacher to be the Reading Coordinator and to add the Reading Challenge to the list of applications.

Ongoing maintenance

Schools are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of staff EduWeb accounts. The Principal has the tools available to remove staff no longer at the school and to edit access rights.

How do I login to the Challenge?

Once an account has been created, users will be able to access the online Challenge website. To login, see:

The username and password received by email from the nominate user system should be used. These details should be kept securely and will be needed throughout the Challenge.

The Principal (or delegate) can access user details for their school and is responsible for resetting passwords and removing access for teachers who are no longer coordinating the Challenge in the school.

Contact us

The team which manages the Reading Challenge can assist schools in setting up EduWeb accounts. Principals may request step-by-step instructions for this process by emailing: