Challenge guidelines

  • each child must be registered as a Challenger online and their parent or guardian must keep a record of their reading
  • the child must be a young child who is not yet attending a school or is not of school age
  • between February and 8 September 2018* each child must read or have read with them 40 books. There are lots of suggestions for books on the Challenge book list
  • children can read books by themselves or with someone else, for example, a parent or guardian, carer, brother or sister, buddy or friend. This support is important if the child is just learning to read
  • the child’s parent, guardian or the Challenge coordinator at the early childhood service must verify the child has read the correct number of books and update their online record to reflect this
  • an email will be sent one month before the challenge finishes to remind the Early Childhood Service to log in and verify the records.
  • All information must be completed online before 8 September 2018.

Further information

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* Please note: Early Childhood Services can set their own timelines within the dates advertised on the Challenge website. Please check with your service.