Getting your child registered

Register your child for the Premier's Reading Challenge using the information below appropriate to your child's age group.

Early childhood (from birth to the year prior to school)

There are two ways to participate in the Early Childhood Premiers' Reading Challenge:

  • Early Childhood Services can register your child at their centre, or 
  • you can register your child online.

You do not need to record book titles online.  Please keep a record of books read, one month before the challenge ends you will receive an email asking you to login and tick a box to verify 40 books have been read.

To register young children in early childhood for the Challenge, see:

School students

If your child’s school is participating in the Challenge they will register your child.

You can check if the school is registered by searching the list of participating schools, see:

If your school is not going to register, your child can still participate as a home-based reader.

Home-schooled students and home-based readers

A student who is home-schooled or whose school is not participating in the Challenge can register as a home-based reader.

To register, complete the form and return it by email or mail to the Department, see: 

Once your child is registered, you can keep all the information about the books they read on the online system.

To log in to the Premiers' Reading Challenge, see:

Further information