Victorian Activities

Whole school activity suggestions

Throughout National Literacy and Numeracy Week schools and early childhood services may want to consider the suggestions below.


  • Set up a reading buddy system with older students reading selected texts to younger students.
  • Organise teachers to bring in their favourite books and then run a guessing competition with students guessing who owns each book.
  • Set up a Mad Hatter's Tea Party or another great feast from a favourite book such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Find a book blog where students can contribute book reviews, see: Inside a Dog or The Age Education Resource Centre
  • Use Photostory and get each student to contribute a page to a collective story.
  • Create a Reading Galaxy (over the week a star is added to the galaxy to represent each book read by the children during this week).
  • Run a book trivia tournament.
  • Visit the Connect website for primary students to find interactive literacy games and activities - FUSE Primary Students
  • Conduct a vote for the top 10 favourite books for a class or year level.


  • Design and decorate tiles using tessellations, patterns and shapes.
  • Conduct surveys on school related issues and display results appropriately.
  • Design a maths trail which encourages students to focus on maths in their local environment by counting, finding shapes and patterns and/or estimating distances.
  • Visit the Connect website for primary students to find interactive numeracy games and activities - FUSE Primary Students.
  • Set daily mathematics challenges that involve problem solving both individually and in teams - answers and winners can be published in the school newsletter.

We would love to know what you are doing for National Literacy and Numeracy Week! If you would like to share your planned activities and/or share a photo or two after the event, please email