National Literacy and Numeracy Week

​National Literacy and Numeracy Week is an Australian Government initiative that runs in partnership with state and territory governments.

During the annual event, many schools and early childhood services hold activities for all learning communities to take part in. See:​

There are a range of resources that give children and young people the opportunity to explore literacy and numeracy with links to creative, fun and stimulating activities.

Parents and families, as valued partners in their child’s learning, can also take part in activities with their children and find information about how they can support their children’s literacy and numeracy learning. See:

  • National Literacy and Numeracy Week - Parents (Schools)
  • Supporting Your Child - Parents (Schools)

      There are also links for teachers and educators about initiatives and resources to support ongoing improvement in students’ literacy and numeracy. See: Literacy and Numeracy
      Cap that! Captioned for learning
      cap that! is a program supported by National Literacy and Numeracy Week. It asks teachers to turn on captions in schools for the literacy benefit of all students. Captions are available on DVDs, online videos and TV programs and are an easy way to boost literacy and inclusion in every classroom.  For more information and a free Captions Champion Kit, see: cap that!

      For more information, see: National Literacy and Numeracy Week