Target: Breaking the link

​​​​​​​​​Education State school targets have been developed to focus our efforts on the range of factors that allow students to develop and achieve their best.​​​​

Breaking the link

Ensuring more students stay in school and breaking the link between disadvantage and outcomes for s​tudents.​

By 2025:

  • 50 per cent fewer students will leave education early (between Years 9 and 12).
  • There will be a 15 per cent reduction in the gap in average achievement between disadvantage and other students in Year 5 and Year 9 reading.​

Fact sheet: Bre​​aking the link (pdf - 176.08kb)
Fact sheet: Breaking the link​ (docx - 2.18mb)

Sto​ries of breaki​ng the link​​