Switching on science and digital at Wooranna Park Primary School


Ambition:Learning for Life​ / Excellence in scientific literacy

Education State Target: By 2025, 33 per cent more 15 year olds will be reaching the highest levels of achievement in scientific literacy.​

​Wooranna Park Prim​​ary school students know anything is possible when they enter the school’s Enigma Portal classroom.

The special classroom, which is part of the school’s focus on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), gives the students the opportunity to learn about the digital world, entrepreneurship and collaboration. 

Students flock to the special classroom in their free time to learn about coding, using a 3D printer to make a life-sized robot and to play with virtual reality headsets.

Principal Ray Trotter said the school’s philosophy and way of teaching had allowed students to take the lead. 

“Students have been allowed to traverse a multitude of digital terrains without fear of failure,” Mr Trotter said. 

“As a result, the students have been a driving force in the development of these innovations.” 

The students themselves see the classroom as ‘the hub of technology at the school’ and love the fact they can bring in their own devices to use within the classroom and the freedom to work on their own technology projects.

The Enigma Portal classroom is one example of the great initiatives underway in schools across the State to support the achievement of the Education State targets, including that 25 per cent more students achieve excellence in critical and creative thinking.​