Book in for the Premiers' Reading Challenge


Ambition: Learning for Life​ / Excellence in Reading

Education State Target: By 2020 for Year 5 and 2025 for Year 9 students, 25 per cent more students will be reaching the highest levels of achievement in reading.​

More than 2.2 million children have turned the pages of nearly 42 million books since the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) first launched in 2005.

The popular program, open to all Victorians from birth to Year 10, attracts over 1000 schools and 300 early childhood services annually.

Among the PRC’s biggest supporters is Brentwood Park Primary School PRC coordinator Annette Wright.

“As a librarian, you want to encourage everyone’s reading,” said Annette.

“But with the level of excitement we have at Brentwood Park, thanks to the Reading Challenge, is just fantastic.”

The PRC aims to encourages children to read more and promotes a love of reading as a way to develop important literacy skills. They are challenged to read a set number of books over a six-month period and their efforts are recorded online.

Children who meet their reading targets receive a certificate signed by the Victorian Premier and former premiers.

Annette says the PRC has seen Brentwood Park’s library book borrowing rates soar. The school’s reading rates have also improved in line with their participation, which has increased year on year.

“We’ve had an entire class complete 100 books each by July and we are seeing far more non-reading, struggling students becoming regular borrowers; the PRC is really encouraging them to extend themselves,” said Annette.

The PRC​ supports the Education State ambition to have more students excelling in reading. The target to 2020 for Year 5, and 2025 for Year 9, is to have 25 per cent more students reaching the highest levels of achievement in reading.