School employees teaching each other to inspire


Ambition: Pride and Confidence in Schools​

Education State Target: By 2025, 20 per cent more parents will report high levels of confidence in the government school system in Victoria.

Principals have turned teachers as part of a new leadership program. 

Principals in 17 networks around the state are running Inspire: Local Leaders for 220 teachers with up to five years of experience.

Menzies Creek Primary School Principal Tanya Cooke and Selby Primary School Principal Justin Butler are running the program in the Dandenong Ranges network.

Every three weeks, they facilitate sessions for 17 teachers to discuss improving student outcomes, developing self, developing others, using evidence and leading change. After six months, the teachers will be in a better position to put their hands up for leadership roles within their classroom, such as a sub-leader or curriculum leader.

Mr Butler said participants were building their own connections through the course.

“They like the opportunity to work with people who are at a similar stage in their career to them, and who are aspirational,” Mr Butler said.

“They really like to look forward and share stories and share ideas; already some of them are talking about visiting each other's schools to observe.”

Ms. Cooke said she thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

“It's a great confidence booster and really good exploration of the self and career,” Ms. Cooke said.

The leadership course is part of the Government’s commitment to develop leaders and build pride and confidence in Victorian government schools.

The Education State agenda aims to ensure that every community has access to great schools. The target includes a commitment to increase the proportion of parents in the community reporting high levels of pride and confidence in their government schools.