Celebrating 100 Days of Prep

​Embarking on the adventure of learning

The first 100 days of school, with all the new faces, places, lessons and timetables, can be daunting.

Lucky Prep students Izac, Yashi and Odin of Barton Primary School had Grade five and six students Natasha and Moeen to offer them some sage advice:

‘Be yourself, making friends can be hard, and never give up.’

From discovering the joys of learning how to read new words and to count to 100, to dreams of leading the nation — students from Barton Primary School share their thoughts on school, their teachers, and their favourite subjects.

Natasha shares how she was once so shy she couldn’t talk to anyone. Now able to easily make new friends, she says:

‘Don’t be shy and always in your own bubble — spread out.’

Prep teacher Emily shares some of her thoughts on the great strides students make in such a short time.

‘In the first 100 days, the children grow and change so much. The kids will come in at the start of the school year and not be able to write down any letters on their page, and now we’ve got students writing one or two pages.’