Strengthening Regional Support

​​​​​​For more information on​ the Department's regional model and to find out which region you are located in, see: About the Department - Regions​.

The new DET regional model

In September 2015 the Victorian Government delivered $82.2 million to strengthen regional services and support to our education system.

Every school and every community is different. Stronger regional services and support mean that we can better meet the individual needs of local communities.  During our sector wide consultation in early 2015, principals told us they need extra help to provide the best support possible to the children in their care. Our community and government partners also shared with us the opportunities they felt existed to provide more joined up across Victoria.

Our new regional model commenced on 1 March 2016. We have established 17 new Areas within the Department’s existing four regions. To ensure we are able to provide more support to schools, early years services, learners and their families, an additional 150 new staff are joining our regions and Area teams.

Our new regional model has a strong focus on ‘people and place’. By placing Areas at the core of the Department’s regional operating arrangements, we can ensure deeper understanding of the characteristics, trends and issues of communities, and the operating context of each school and early childhood service.

A key feature of the new regional model is the establishment of multi-disciplinary teams in each of the 17 new Areas. Through these teams, schools, early childhood services, vocational education services, learners and their families will have access to a range of experts – from executive leaders to curriculum and assessment specialists, and a dedicated health and wellbeing workforce. These experts will all work together to ensure that the right skills and resources are deployed to those most in need.

Area teams are working with their local communities to:

  • share best practice and a culture of collaboration across school communities
  • support schools to lift student performance, providing guidance and direction on how to improve
  • support schools with their operational and administrative responsibilities such as Occupational Health and Safety and maintenance
  • strengthen links between early childhood, schools, VET and adult education, and
  • strengthen links with community organisations, parents and business.

Area teams will receive additional support from two new regional Divisions — Early Childhood and School Support Division and School Improvement Division — both of which will provide strategic support to implement priority early childhood and school education policy and reform projects.

​​​​For more information on the Department's regional model and to find out which region you are located in, see: About the Department - Regions​.

To contact our regions, please see the Contact us - Regions.

Consultation Report

In developing a regional vision for the Education State, the Department embarked on an extensive consultation process, Strengthening regional relationships and support, where we heard the voices and perspectives of stakeholders from right across the education sector. The major themes and issues informed the design of our regional and area operating model.