Insight Assessment Platform

​The Insight Online Assessment Platform (Insight) will help teachers assess the progress of all learners and support more targeted teaching practices.

Assessment is integral to the teaching and learning cycle to continue improving student outcomes across the Education State.

It involves the ongoing process of capturing, analysing and interpreting data about students’ progress and achievement to improve learning.​

How will ​​it work?

Insight will host existing quality-assured online assessment tools for teachers, students and school administrators at no cost.

It will enable teachers in all Victorian schools to administer assessments via desktop, laptop, mobile and small screen devices and provide detailed reports to help teachers better monitor learner progress and development.

Insight is currently being trialled and will be available to government schools from the beginning of Term 1, 2017

Why is it n​eeded?

Evidence shows well-focused, teacher-based assessment practices enhance student learning more than any other strategy, no matter what the age level and context.

What does this mean for my child/school?

Insight will deliver benefits including:

  • improved access to quality assessment tools online, across a range of learning areas
  • streamlined marking and administration of assessments
  • integrated assessment data reporting to help teachers tailor learning to students’ needs
  • access to the Assessment Advice Portal for teachers to learn about advances in assessment research and practices
  • capturing assessment data so it can be shared online if students change schools.

For more info​rmation, see: Insight Assessment Platform​