Early Childhood Consultation

What you told us

The findings from the state-wide Education State Early Childhood consultation have been released.

As part of the consultation held in late 2015, hundreds of organisations and individuals, including Victorian parents, carers, early childhood professionals, service providers and all levels of government, contributed ideas and opinions about opportunities to improve Victoria's early childhood system.

The report reflects the breadth of vision, views and ideas provided by all participants in the consultation.

While the Victorian early childhood system is in many ways strong, the consultation process was an opportunity to seek ideas about how to further improve it.

This consultation is part of the broader Education State vision which includes giving every child the best start in life, with access to safe, quality early childhood services, and support to learn, play and grow.

The findings informed the Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Services and parenting supports initiative which are key part of the Education State early childhood reforms.

You are invited to read the consultation report, see:

Stakeholder and Community Engagement Key Findings Report: The Education State, Early Childhood