Catch Up Funding

​​The new C​​atch Up funding will target students entering secondary schools who have not met the national NAPLAN minimum standard for reading in Year 5.

The funding will allow government schools to invest in interventions to help students catch up to their peers and create a fair system where everyone has the opportunity to excel, regardless of their background.

How will it work?

Secondary schools will be provided with an extra $2000 for each student who did not meet the national minimum NAPLAN standard for reading in Year 5 regardless of the student’s personal background or the school they attend.

The funding will be provided as part of the Student Resource Package (SRP).

Schools will be given guidance and support to address the specific challenges facing their students.

These may include:

  • preparing evidence-based classroom learning strategies
  • attracting, supporting and retaining experienced specialist teachers
  • improving the quality of school leaders
  • creating safe and supportive school environments
  • engaging parents and communities in students’ schooling.

Schools will be given the flexibility to invest in evidence based programs and interventions that are best suited to their students.

Why is Catch Up needed?

There are about 9,500 students each year in secondary school who did not meet the relevant minimum NAPLAN standards.

Research shows that only one-third of students who are below minimum NAPLAN standards by Year 9 will go on to complete secondary education. Interventions are required to help these students catch up to their peers and give them the best possible opportunity to succeed.

While funding is provided to schools with students who face barriers through social disadvantage, not all students who do not perform academically are socially disadvantaged.

What does this mean for my child/school?

Catch Up funding will provide schools with a fairer allocation of funding in order to be able to support students who need it most.

It will allow schools to invest in programs that will encourage and improve learning environments for everyone at the school.

How much will it cost?

The Victorian Government is investing $72.3 million over four years and $21.8 million a year ongoing in Catch Up funding as part of the Education State.

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