Learning Places: Partnering for Better Outcomes

The $82.2 million initiative will see 150 new staff in its regional offices to enhance services and support provided to principals and school communities, as well as the establishment of 17 new areas created within the Department’s current four regions. The move to an area-based approach will allow a much greater emphasis on people and place in the pursuit of better outcomes for Victorians by:

  • providing support closer to where services are delivered
  • strengthening  service delivery and supporting better local decision making
  • aligning our efforts and services to build more successful partnerships with local governments and networks with common 'footprints'.

Each area will have a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to supporting school improvement and stronger student outcomes. These teams will work with learners, families, schools and service providers to:

  • share best practice and a culture of collaboration across school communities
  • monitor school performance and provide guidance and direction on how to improve
  • support schools with their operational and administrative responsibilities such as Occupational Health and Safety and maintenance
  • strengthen links between early childhood, schools, VET and adult education
  • strengthen links with community organisations, parents and business.

The 17 areas will be closely aligned to Local Government Areas and fully align with the Department of Health and Human Services areas. The current region boundaries will remain unchanged.

There will be four areas in North-Western Victoria, North-Eastern Victoria and South-Eastern Victoria and five areas in South-Western Victoria. The areas will share the same titles as those in the Department of Health and Human Services for consistency of practice.

The Department is now working with our regional workforce to design a regional operating model that enables us to achieve our vision of transformative change.