Partnership agreement with Municipal Association of Victoria

The Partnership Agreement commits to building positive, collaborative relationships between the Department, MAV and all Victorian local councils, to increase the learning and development opportunities for children, young people and families.

On 6 August 2009, the Secretary of the Department and the Chief Executive Officer of Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), signed an agreement that builds on mutual support and collaboration in order to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. See: Partnership Agreement (pdf - 388.36kb)

The aims of the agreement are achieved through annual action plans agreed to by the Department and MAV. Achievements to date include:

  • DEECD-MAV Joint Youth Forum 2011 - Working together to support young Victorians
  • DEECD-MAV Survey of Victorian Local Government Support for Children, Young People and Their Families 2010
  • MAV, DEECD & ECDG Partnership Working Group
  • Agreed communications protocols on emergency management
  • DEECD participation at MAV Human Services Advisory Group meetings
  • Protocols for establishing Neighbourhood Safer Places in government schools
  • Streamlining the Joint Use Agreement Process
  • MAV / DEECD Local Government and Young People report 2013.

Refresh of Partnership Agreement 

The Agreement was reviewed in 2012 to evaluate its effectiveness and seek suggestions for future actions and priorities. 

To read the report, see: Review of the Department-MAV Partnership Agreement (pdf - 274.85kb)

A recommendation of the review was a refresh of the agreement to bring its scope and language in line with the Department’s agenda of supporting life-long learning.

The refreshed agreement acknowledges the Department’s responsibilities for higher education and training, includes a new section on the history of the agreement and acknowledges a timeframe for the agreement (2013-2017).

Partnership agreement with the Victorian Community Sector

In July 2014, the Secretary of the Department and the CEO, Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) signed the Department-Victorian Community Sector Partnership Agreement 2014-18, refreshing the 2010-2014 Partnership Agreement. 

The Partnership Agreement recognises the community sector as an important partner to the Department in the development of policy, the delivery of services and the improvement of outcomes of all Victorians, particularly for those who are vulnerable or experiencing disadvantage. See: Partnership Agreement between the Department and the Victorian Community Sector (pdf - 707.49kb)

It recommits the Department and the community sector to increased collaboration, consultation and engagement. The aims of the Partnership Agreement are achieved through annual action plans agreed to by the Department and VCOSS, who is responsible for furthering the partnership on behalf of the sector.

Some achievements to date include:

  • the establishment of the Victorian Community Partnership Governance Group, which provides a forum for exchange of information on issues of mutual interest
  • annual Victorian Community Sector Roundtables
  • the development of the Victorian Community Sector Collaboration and Consultation Framework
  • joint training for the Department, Department of Human Services, Department of Health and the community sector on effective partnering.

For more information, see: Department-Victorian Community Sector Collaboration and Consultation Framework (pdf - 324.6kb)

Further information on the community sector

For more information about the Victorian Council of Social Service and its network of community sector organisations, see: Victorian Council of Social Service